Is Nasher Miles a good brand? A Genuine Bag Review

The luggage is a part of your life and you must have to choose a reliable luggage brand to work with this. Here is a brand named Nasher Miles with a wide range of bags, briefcases, backpacks and some other accessories. But, is nasher miles a good brand? Well, let’s check out its features, durability and how it is the experience of using it and so on.

Is Nasher Miles a Good Brand
Is Nasher Miles a Good Brand

Is Nasher Miles a Good Brand?

About Nasher Miles

Nasher Miles is an online store that sells travel bags, suitcases, and backpacks. So picture this: you want to go on a vacation. A weekend trip, or perhaps a month-long international journey. Where will you store all your belongings? You’ll definitely need a luggage that you can trust. That’s when Nasher Miles enters the scene! Quality and fashion are their main concerns so they use polypropylene and co-extruded polycarbonate materials for the hard-sided luggage to ensure impact resistance and longevity.

Why Nasher Miles?

Quality Above All:

Quality is the main concern of Nasher Miles. Their luggage are constructed with premium and long-lasting materials to endure all the jostling and ruggedness while being transported. You don’t want your luggage to break down in less than three travels, do you?

Fashionable Styles:

Talking about style, Nasher Miles bags are fashion paragons. Can you imagine yourself pulling a gorgeous and elegant suitcase everywhere you go? Your suitcase is like your fashion statement while traveling!

Is Nasher Miles a good brand?

We can say that Nasher Miles is a good travel brand for all those travelers who want to enjoy their travel time with affordable, durable and stylish luggage. So, be it a novice traveler or a pro, when you choose Nasher Miles you will never be disappointed. Happy traveling!

Build and Durability of Nasher Miles:

Nasher Miles bags are very light and are very strong. These bags are mainly produced with durable materials and are resistant to wear and tear. They can easily withstand the impact during your travel, be it road or air. The one’s who have used the bag have reported that even after harsh and tough handling, the bags have shown no signs of stress or dents. So if you are looking for a companion which is going to last for a long time, Nasher Miles should be your choice.

Exterior Design of Nasher Miles:

Nasher Miles bags are stylish and chic. They come in bright and cheerful colors so that you can easily choose a shade that matches your personality. The top handle is pretty handy and the telescopic handle at the top extends to accommodate the height of the person carrying it. The overall look is classy and appealing. Nasher Miles bag is definitely a head Turner.

Nasher Miles is from which country?

Nasher Miles is a contemporary Indian lifestyle brand for travelers at heart. They strive to offer functional, convenient & fashionable travel solutions. Nasher Miles is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra and is dedicated to simplify, streamline and stylishly enhance the traveling experience for people across the globe. They design and manufacture distinctively innovative luggage bags and accessories in high quality yet reasonably priced.

Is Nasher Miles Indian Company?

Yes, Nasher Miles is an Indian Company. Nasher Miles is a Digital First, innovative brand that believes in making the travel experience seamless, productive and flavorful for you. The brand was started by Abhishek Daga, Lokesh Daga, and Shruti Kedia Daga, and this brand is creating buzz with its stylish luggage collection.

The word “Nasher” has been taken from Persian word “Nasher Kardan” that means “to publish”. The word “Miles” refers to every mile of a traveler. With the combination, “Nasher Miles” will provide the actual travel experience to the world.

Is Nasher Miles a Luxury or a Premium brand?

Yes, Nasher Miles is a Luxury or a Premium brand and . Here are some reasons for why Nasher Miles is a Premium Brand:

Luxury Craftsmanship:

Nasher Miles designs its luggage with perfect detailing. Their trolley bags are skillfully tailored, robust in design and colorfully engineered to enhance your traveling experience.

Indestructible Polypropylene:

One of their most attractive and popular collections is the Line. This collection is made from indestructible polypropylene. Yes, you heard it right – indestructible! So, no more fretting about your luggage surviving the bumpy ride or tough handling. Your valuables will stay protected and secured throughout your travel, irrespective of your destination.

Style and Diversity:

The Line offers luggage diversity to suit every traveler. No matter if you are going for a weekend trip or a month-long vacation, Nasher Miles will accommodate all your stuff. It is available in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. And you can choose from a range of 6 trendy colors. From the typical black to the refreshing pink, Nasher Miles gives you the freedom to choose and flaunt your style and preferences. This is one important reason why Nasher Miles is a good brand.

How are Nasher Miles luggage bags distinguished from competitors?

  1. Theft Protection: Nasher Miles uses hidden zippers, RFID blocking pockets, and locking compartments for anti-theft protection. These features offer peace of mind while traveling.
  2. Rugged Construction: The company builds bags from polycarbonate, ballistic nylon, and water-resistant materials. These premium materials provide durability against the elements and rigors of travel.
  3. Intelligent Layout: Organized compartments, laptop sleeves, shoe pockets, and garment bags make packing efficient.
  4. Spinner Wheels: Smooth rolling spinner wheels enable 360 degree maneuvering.
  5. Capacity Expansion: Several Nasher Miles bags feature expandable compartments for additional space when needed.
  6. Comfortable Handles: Telescopic handles and side grab handles reduce lifting effort.
  7. Sophisticated Style: Sleek design and attractive color schemes.

Is Nasher Miles TSA approved?

Nasher Miles Tsa Lock Approved

Yes, Every piece from The Line collection comes with a side-mounted TSA lock. At a time when everything is about security, Nasher Miles gives you the much-needed peace. Not only is the TSA lock resistant to pilferage, but it also makes your experience at the airport hassle-free. It can only be opened by you or the TSA officials, so you can pack your worthy stuff without any worry.

Who is the owner of Nasher Miles or who has invested in Nasher Miles?

Abhishek Daga, Lokesh Daga, and Shruti Kedia Daga are the owners who have made Nasher Miles successful. Some of the investors are noticed Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Ritesh Agarwal, and Vineeta Singh have also seen the potential and invested in this brand.

Nasher Miles warranty or service:

Thinking how will you claim the warranty? Well, this brand offers a warranty period and the non-warranty maintenance or repair can be done by any company, but they suggest to opt for an approved service center for warranty repair. So, in case you face any problem, just call on their customer service helpline number and get the desired assistance.

Why Nasher Miles Is Affordable?

Without compromising on quality, Nasher Miles offers very affordable products. Here’s how they keep their products inexpensive:

Direct-to-Consumer Business Model:

Apart from a few retail stores, you can only buy Nasher Miles products online. By eliminating the middleman and selling products directly to you, they save money on fees they would otherwise pay to retailers.

Lean Supply Chain:

We can say that Nasher Miles’s supply chain is very well-optimized to waste no resources. From the raw materials used for the products to the actual manufacturing and shipping, Nasher Miles takes every opportunity to make their products better without adding to the cost.

Is Nasher Miles Durable?

The materials used by Nasher Miles are economical yet very durable. The unbreakable polypropylene used in The Line collection suitcases are impact resistant, scratch resistant and can take a beating. After all, you’d be using the suitcase many times after buying and opening it.

Nasher Miles products are extensively tested before they make it to you. From the raw materials to the finished product, every aspect undergoes testing that simulates real-world conditions. The suitcases go through drops, tumbles and abuse to ensure that they hold up just fine.

It’s not just about using the right materials, you have to design the product to last as well. From the reinforced corners to the sturdy zippers and from the smooth wheels to the telescopic handle, everything has been designed to improve the durability of the product.

Who is the brand ambassador of nasher miles brand?

Rishabh Pant Brand Ambassador of Nasher Miles

Indian luggage brand Nasher Miles has announced renowned cricketer Rishabh Pant as its new brand ambassador. Rishabh Pant is both style and substance off the field and on the field. Nasher Miles like him is not ordinary travel, it’s practical luggage with cool and bright patterns. Every trip with Nasher Miles is a fun, stylish and creative experience.

How old is Nasher Miles Brand?

Nasher Miles is a relatively new company, established in 2017. They produce stylish and original luggage that will definitely catch an eye of yours. They produce top quality luggage that doesn’t cost as much as it should so that’s why most people opt to buy Nasher Miles luggage when they are in need of good luggage which will serve them for a long time. You can find something for every type of traveler. Both business and adventure travelers will be pleased with the luggage that Nasher Miles offers!

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