Is Crossbeats a Good Brand? An honest opinion about the brand!

Crossbeats is an affordable fitness device brand catering to younger generations in India, such as smartwatches, earbuds, headphones and charging cables – with accessories including cases – released between 2015 and 2016. Established by experienced professionals dedicated to offering top-of-the-line consumer tech solutions.

Is Crossbeats a Good Brand
Is Crossbeats a Good Brand?

Is Crossbeats a Good Brand?

Is Crossbeats a Good Brand?

Yes, Crossbeats is a good brand. Crossbeats is a team of dedicated gadget lovers who design, distribute and manufacture smart tech products tailored for young Indian consumers. Committed to offering state-of-the-art technology at a fair price, Crossbeats strives to deliver top quality technology at reasonable rates that offer both features and value.

Starting off as a wireless audio brand, the brand soon expanded into personal electronics manufacturing entirely in India. Thanks to this commitment to creating premium features at an accessible price point. It quickly become a favorite among youth.

About the Crossbeats Company:

Crossbeats is an innovative technology company located in Bangalore India specializing in earbuds, speakers and audio accessories with over 100 employees working under its roof and dedicated to offering customers superior products than those offered by competitors with one year warranties on every product produced.

This company seeks to become a major force in premium electronic manufacturing by developing innovative products designed specifically for Indian consumers while expanding into other countries – currently targeting direct to consumer channels in the US with offline stores planned in Brazil as a target market. They’re currently developing Sleep Buds that enable users to listen to music while sleeping as well as featuring additional useful functions like loud siren and SOS features.

Crossbeats Hustl smartwatch strikes an excellent balance between beauty and function. It features an HD screen which stands up well under direct sunlight, while its 60Hz refresh rate ensures fast interactions. Bluetooth calling, rotating crown navigation and multiple sports modes and alarm clocks simplify life while its built-in games add fun.

Crossbeats is a top-tier smartwatch brand known for producing cutting-edge tech gadgets designed specifically to appeal to young adults. Their products are cutting-edge yet fashionable; and the Orbit X smartwatch model is no different.

Crossbeats is a consumer technology company specialising in earbuds, headphones and true wireless products tailored towards India. Established by passionate gadget enthusiasts with the mission to develop smart tech products for local audiences.

This company was launched as a bootstrapped venture in 2015 by Abhinav and Archit Agarwal, two experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in marketing, branding and business strategy.

Is CrossBeats a trusted company?

Yes Crossbeats is a trusted company. Crossbeats is a company that produces smart tech gadgets specifically designed to appeal to young people. Crossbeats strives to develop innovative ideas and carry out research for its technological products; this can be seen through the design, aesthetics, and user experience of its offerings.

Crossbeats Orbit X smartwatch offers Bluetooth calling and numerous functions, including its stylish AMOLED display with smart notifications, continuous heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, 15 sports modes, and up to 7-day battery life. Perfect for anyone seeking a fashionable smartwatch!

Which is better Crossbeats or Noise?

The answer for this is, Crossbeats is better than Noise compared to the pricing and reviews given by the users. Crossbeats Spectra smartwatch will elevate your style. Ideal for both men and women alike, with its 1.81-inch AMOLED display and wireless charging option – no longer will your watch run out of power!

This smartwatch packs many features into an affordable package: Bluetooth calling, an Always-on Display and up to 7-day battery life are just a few highlights of its many capabilities. Ideal for tracking health and activity tracking. And its highly affordable price makes it one of the best value smartwatch options currently on the market!

Which country brand is Crossbeats?

Crossbeats is an Indian company that manufactures audio products such as earphones, headphones, and speakers with one year warranties on their products. Furthermore, their products can be purchased online via various channels such as eCommerce websites.

Archit and Abhinav Agarwal founded this brand with a goal to improve consumer tech in India. As their inaugural venture, they launched wireless earphones.

Since its formation, Crossbeats has rapidly grown into offering other products besides headphones and earbuds. Smartwatches, bluetooth receivers and other accessories now make up its portfolio; latest product being Nexus smartwatch with GPS dynamic route tracking and ebook reader. Available in silver and black designs; waterproof; HD screen of 1.9″.

What is the origin of Crossbeats?

Archit and Abhinav founded their business together. Both brothers possess extensive expertise in consumer technology and branding. When starting out selling audio products online, quickly becoming bestsellers on Amazon India.

Soon enough, they realized their customers wanted more from their devices, so they expanded their product catalog with smartwatches – now offering stylish yet practical devices that deliver both style and performance.

Crossbeats Ignite Cube 1.9″ HD Screen Smartwatch is the ideal combination of fashion and function, featuring an easy-to-see display even under bright sunlight as well as fast SnapChargeTM battery charging and rotating crown for effortless navigation. Ideal for young Indians who lead active, exciting lives.

Who is the owner of Crossbeats?

Abhinav and Archit Agarwal, two experienced brand builders and growth marketers, established this fast-growing consumer tech brand. Through bootstrapping with an initial investment of Rs 5 lakh they quickly established the business.

Total Revenue of Crossbeats:

Crossbeats estimated an estimated turnover of Rs 50cr by 2023 and has immense potential to further expand; their product lineup now features Bluetooth earbuds and speakers in their lineup, along with brand recognition among customer ratings and satisfaction levels. Employee work satisfaction at Crossbeats was found to exceed expectation at an average rating of 3.4 for similar companies – their reviews section provides additional salary details about specific job profiles.

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