Is Carlton London an Indian Brand?Behind the Label: Discover Carlton London’s True Heritage!

Is Carlton London an Indian Brand
Carlton London- An Indian Brand

Is Carlton London an Indian Brand

Yes, Carlton London is indeed an Indian brand Now, let’s discuss Carlton London’s existence in India. It came to India, specifically at Gurgaon Metropolitan Mall in the year 2003. The brand was made to promise bringing London’s latest fashion trends to our own cities here in India. Guess what! Carlton London has been a major player within India’s footwear retail industry since then.

Let’s dive into the details about Carlton London. Despite its origins in the UK, it has evolved into an Indian brand over the years. Here’s why:

Carlton London is a fashion brand, which started in the vibrant fashion world of East End, London in 1992. This brand soon spread its wings to India in 2003 where it opened its first store at the Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon. The move demonstrated how much they wanted to expose Indian people to London’s trendy high street fashion.

Over the years, Carlton London has taken up Indian flavors blending London’s smart style with India’s spirited panache resulting into fashionable shoes, accessories etc. Also they did not stop at this point; Carlton London extended its operations to other parts of Asia as well. Today, it is a recognized name among the footwear retail players in the country.

Carlton London Perfumes:

Carlton London has a wide range of fragrances for men and women. Their perfumes consist of different smells such as flowers, fruits or earthly tones. Some of the highly ranked ones are Euphoria Gift Set 4 Perfume, Limited Edition Lush Perfume and Desire Perfume.

Carlton London Shoes:

Carlton London’s shoe collection includes fashionable yet cheap choices for both male and female. They have a variety of styles ranging from official monk shoes to casual loafers which are designed to cater for different occasions. Women can find heels, boots and sandals to choose from and men have options in formal and casual categories.

Carlton London Slippers:

Men and women can get comfortable slippers and flip-flops from Carlton London. These are great when worn casually or while just lounging around. These can be found on platforms like Flipkart and Amazon.

Carlton London Bags:

Carlton London’s bags collection has trendy ones like shoulder bags, tote bags and clutches. They have used materials like faux leather, synthetic leather or real leather. Some popular designs are color-blocked and textured bags.

Carlton London Boots:

Carlton London boots are fashionable and yet practical. For women, Jade is one of their best boots which have fur lining that makes them tough but stylish enough for any weekend look. Men can try out leather boots in different sizes as well as shades too.

Carlton London Sunglasses:

They have sunglasses collection  like aviators and oversized ones too. These accessories add elegance to your look.

Is Carlton London a luxury brand?

Yes, Carlton London can indeed be considered a luxury brand. With its distinguished British heritage, the brand combines sophistication, elegance, and audacity in its offerings. Established over 30 years ago, Carlton London has grown into one of the largest fashion footwear and accessory brands, showcasing its prominence in the luxury market.

Who owns the Carlton London brand?

Carlton London is now a part of the Frasers Group, formerly known as “Sports Direct International.” This British brand, founded in 1946, specializes in creating fashionable shoes, accessories, and other lifestyle products.

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

What rank is Carlton London brand?

Carlton London ranks 103rd among its 723 competitors.

Which country brand is Carlton?

Carlton London is a British brand.

What is the meaning of the name Carlton?

The name Carlton means “Free peasant settlement.”

Is Carlton London perfume alcohol-free?

No, Carlton London perfumes contain alcohol.

Is Carlton a good perfume brand?

Carlton is a sophisticated perfume brand with a good price range and long-lasting fragrance.

How long does Carlton London perfume last?

Carlton London perfumes can last up to 10 hours with their concentration of fragrance oil.

Is Carlton London an Indian Brand

Yes, Carlton London is indeed an Indian brand.

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